Lost Souls Tattoo respects your business and trust in us to provide you with the best quality tattoo we can create and apply on you. In order to get the best results of your newly applied tattoo, please follow ALL these aftercare instructions to the letter.  If you have any questions or a problem arises with your healing process, do not hesitate to give us a call, we will always help you to the best of our ability.

1. Remove the bandage or protective barrier we wrapped your tattoo with around the two to four hour mark, longer is
    better, but I know I can't handle it. It is normal to see acute swelling directly around the tattoo site. This will ease off     anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, it depends on how you react to tattooing and where it was applied..

2. Wash the tattoo gently with room temperature water that is clean to remove any medications,
    excess ink pigments and blood. Be sure to wash your new tattoo thoroughly and gently.

3. Dry the tattoo by blotting it very gently with a dry, soft paper towel or medical knapkin. Only use white ‘unscented’
    paper towels to avoid developing skin irritations. I prefer medical gauze pads; they are sealed and sanitary.

4. Use only the recommended ointment that was provided to you upon the completion of your tattoo
    or session (A & D Ointment, Green soap). Do not use Vaseline, vaseline containers are used by the whole family,     thus making them unsanitary. Gently apply a light covering of ointment after spraying down the tattoo with green    
    soap over the entire tattoo and tamp it off with paper towel or medical gauze pad.

5. Repeat this process three to four times a day for the next week or as needed. ie. if you have your
    tattoo exposed (which you shouldn’t) and you walk through a wind storm thus contaminating it,
    obliviously, it is wise to clean it again as soon as possible.

6. Around the second to third day for most people you will notice the skin beginning to form a
    protective scab. DO NOT pick at it or scratch it, even if it is itching like crazy! Let the scabbing fall
    off on its own. This is a very important time during your healing because it protects the color and
    the effects we worked so hard to achieve for you.

7. DO NOT soak your tattoo while it is healing. This means NO swimming, NO soaking in the bath
    tub, or sweating your nards off in a sauna, hot tub or whirl pool. Salt water kills tattoos. To remain clean, simply
    wipe down
in a sits bath or hold your arm or leg out of the shower. We recommend what we do for our own
    tattoos, use your sink for the wash water and just wash off with a face cloth. After you don’t stink
    anymore, follow steps 2 to 5.

8. DO NOT expose your new tattoo to sunlight or extreme environments (ie. Use your other arm to
    reach into the oven, dishwasher, etc.) as much as possible, but especially during your healing
    process. Wear loose fitting clothing and it is our opinion to not consume alcohol for 10 hours after
    getting your tattoo applied (due to its blood thinning properties). But...people are going to do whatever
    they do, and then some.

9. In seven to ten days for the average person your tattoo should be adequately healed. Your new
    tattoo is an investment in how you look now, so regardless of how long it takes to heal, deal with it
    and take care of it because this is the NEW YOU!

10.If you have any questions or concerns, call us. DO NOT rely on information given by ANYONE
    other than a professional tattoo artist or family doctor.

Thank you for your patronage, and wear your new tattoo proudly, because it looks wicked!

                                                                                                                                          Thanks, from LST.


By ordering from us, you are agreeing that you understand and comply by our policies and agree to our terms. We understand that you have researched and know what you are buying by ordering from us. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, please reflect this on orders and confirm any currency / price conversion with your bank. Incorrect  payments will be returned to sender without product COD.

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